Lamothe-Abiet Solutions for Winemaking


Our mission is to provide winemakers all over the world with reliable, effective and financially viable solutions to bring out the best of their grapes and produce the wines of their dreams, all while optimizing the wine-making process.

Lamothe-Abiet has 140 years of oenology development. Since 1878 the men and women at Lamothe-Abiet have been innovators, constantly pushing the frontiers of knowledge and taking it to the wine cellars of the world.

Innovation is the cornerstone of our approach to ensure we satisfy a great variety of markets that demand original solutions. Our technical service is at the interface between practice and research; always developing and implementing original solutions for our customers.

Quality: Our commitment to controlling food risks and protecting human health has led us to integrate Food Safety Management at the very base of our organization. Risk management is of major importance to our activity and LAMOTHE-ABIET was the first oenological company to have the ISO 22000 certification since 2008. The LAMOTHE-ABIET team is rooted in this dynamic quality procedure: we prioritize food safety and customer satisfaction.